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Why your lamp flickers when you dim it (and how to stop it)

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Why your lamp flickers when you dim it (and how to stop it)

Find out more about why your lamp flickers when you dim it, and get tips on how to fix the problem.

Are you happy with the way your LED lighting looks at home? Great! However, when you want to dim these LED light sources, there are a few things you need to consider. It's a problem that many people experience. Take a look at the solution below.


Too low power causes LED lights to flash.

It's a common problem with LED lighting. It is often assumed that you can use your ordinary dimmers for your LEDs. You have made sure that the light sources are dimmable, but when you turn the lamp on it starts to flicker. How can this happen?

LED lights have a lower wattage than their halogen counterparts. If you connect a traditional dimmer to an LED bulb, you will most likely not reach the minimum wattage of the dimmer. This can cause the dimmer to go off and the bulbs to go out, or the LED bulb to flicker.


Find a dimmer that is suitable

The dimmers that have "RC" on them are suitable for the LED lamps. The maximum power and minimum power of the dimmer are always listed with the dimmer.

A 15 watt bulb will flash if the dimmer has a range of 20 - 300 watts. Two 15-watt light bulbs will be fine. Make sure the light sources do not exceed their maximum capacity. The dimmer may break down if it burns out.

Do you want the flickering of your LED bulbs to stop? The solution is obvious, you can use dimmers that are suitable for lamps with LEDs. However, you should always observe the minimum and maximum power of the dimmer.



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