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Hanging lamps in rattan cane

These fixtures are made of cane or rattan. Beautiful pendant lamps are usually produced with a Norwegian touch. Pearls they are. Contact us if you are looking for a wicker hanging lamp.

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Hanging lamps in rattan cane

Experience the natural of rattan cane hanging lamp

Go for a natural touch in your interior with these hanging lamps in rattan cane. Each piece of lamp is unique due to the techniques used and the natural color variations of the reed, because the color largely determines the character of the lamp, so choose your style and make your choice. The shapes of this hanging lamp in rattan cane provide beautiful dappled light in every room of your house. So wherever you hang this lamp, it always provides an enchanting effect. You can also choose a glass hanging lamp or a hanging lamp with a specific shape or with a certain look, it is of course quite different, but there are also various versions available.

by example hanging lamp pink glass  

or fumed glass

However, if your eye has fallen on a rattan or wicker hanging lamp , you will not only bring nature into your home here, you will also enjoy a true craft, one that you will have a lot of fun with.

With a wicker hanging lamp your house gets a natural look

Ever thought of a rattan hanging lamp ? You not? Then it is high time. A rattan hanging lamp in itself is something special and a real eye-catcher. A wicker hanging lamp can certainly be that too. Reed can radiate different things. On the one hand it is often tough, on the other hand it is also perfectly capable of giving your interior an extra soft touch. It just depends on which color and which model you choose. Highly recommended, the wicker hanging lamp.

Plenty of choice when it comes to wicker hanging lamps

Even when we look at the wicker hanging lamps , we can say that we really have something to offer you. A wicker hanging lamp has an advantage in advance. In terms of price, this is a very interesting lamp. Although reed is very strong and you will enjoy it for a very long time, you will certainly not pay the highest price for it. The lamps also vary greatly in design. Whether you choose the soothing and natural pendant lamp, like to dream away with a tropical look or opt for Scandinavian style pendant lamps you will not be disappointed and we at My Planed led are happy to help you with that. 

A wicker hanging lamp can be combined well with wooden elements in your interior

Involuntarily, the lamp manages to command all the attention. That is why in the case of a wicker hanging lamp , for example, it is so important that the wooden and wicker elements are reflected in the rest of your interior. Another advantage of reed is that it is strong, has a long lifespan and can be combined well with various fixtures.

A wicker hanging lamp always attracts attention and a completely different hanging lamp can detract from the unity of your interior. A wicker hanging lamp is of course an excellent hanging lamp that fits in a rural interior. You can play with the shades of reeds. Because they come in all kinds of colours, types and shapes. Multiple wicker hanging lamps ? This is possible, preferably in different sizes and shapes.

Less bright light in the cozy living room with a wicker hanging lamp

If you choose the wicker hanging lamp , take into account the lighting in relation to the place that the hanging lamp will be given. Good and brighter light is desired at the dining table. Even if it's just to read the newspaper. In the cozy sitting area in your living room, however, you prefer warmer light and bright light is not suitable. The type of lighting therefore also determines the power of a wicker hanging lamp . Something to keep in mind.

Use our search filter, then shopping for that beautiful wicker hanging lamp will be a lot easier

Our range is wide, so you can buy a cone-shaped hanging lamp with the same ease or a concrete-look hanging lamp buy. The problem can be that sometimes you can't figure it out and actually like every lamp and want to take it home. However, by smart filtering you can easily make a choice from all those beautiful lamps and you will soon have a number of lamps that are completely to your liking. Choosing remains difficult, but it becomes a lot easier this way.

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