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Shop lighting

Shop lighting

Looking for shop lighting? Buy your shopping lighting at My Planet LED! Good prices! Wide range! Excellent quality? Satisfied or money back!

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Are you looking for shop lighting? At My Planet LED, you can order a wide range of shop lighting. We are one of the biggest online LED light shops and we deliver your order as well nationally as internationally. Our customers say we provide an excellent personalized service!

Features of shop lighting

Shop lighting is important to show your products. The more you highlight your products, the more you will sell. When we go shopping, we don't see the products in the dark corners but the ones which are highlighted.
Therefore, it's important to make a choice between direct and indirect lighting.

  • Indirect lighting (or diffuse lighting) ensures a general basic lighting and doesn't emphasize. The light beam is often 360°, for instance ceiling lights, LED panels, downlights (although these can sometimes be direct) or pendant lights.
  • With direct lighting, the light beam is oriented directly to the products, think about track lighting, orientable built-up spots but also LED strips. It's important that the light beam is small enough to ensure that the light "falls". After all, with a wide beam the light is spreaded above and is widely dispersed.

LED lighting is very interesting as shop lighting for different reasons : 

  • The consumption is much lower than with traditional lighting (up to 80% lower than for example halogen lighting).
  • The lifespan is much higher (+/- 30000 burning hours)
  • Emits no UV- or infrared radiation ; UV-radiation is not healthy, especially when you're whole days exposed to it. In addition, it discolours. This is a problem with clothes where clothes become too pale.
  • Quick reaction : in contrast to for example neon lights, LED lighting reacts very quickly. It doesn't have to warm up like gas discharging lamps.
  • Thanks to the low consumption and the long lifespan is environment friendly.
If you're looking for butcher's shop lighting or bakery lighting, it's important that the colours are well-reproduced. This is also determined by the colour rendering index which reproduces the authenticity of the colours. However, with meat is an "ordinary" warm, neutral or cold white light colour not enough. Often, the light colour temperature is more rose. It's important to look at the colour of the product to be enlightened. Contact us if you need butcher's shop lighting or bakery lighting.

Shop lighting also includes restaurant lighting or hotel lighting. Here, it's important to look at the style of the restaurant or hotel and also the space to be enlightened. In a restaurant, dimmed, warm light is recommended but in the lobby of a hotel, you need more light and often a neutral white light is used.


Order your shop lighting at My Planet LED

Besides our large assortment, there are more reasons why you should order your shop lighting at My Planet LED. With us, you order easyly and quickly your shop lighting. Aren't you sure that the shop lighting is suitable for your interior? That's no problem because at My Planet LED, you can use our 14 days return policy. Of course, you can also count on the excellent service of My Planet LED!


Would you like to have more information about shop lighting?

Do you have more questions? Would you like to have more information about My Planet LED? Contact us please or send a mail at [email protected] in order to obtain more information about shop lighting.

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