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The versatility of the perfect atmosphere creator: the suspension lamp!

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The versatility of the perfect atmosphere creator: the suspension lamp!

Lighting is undoubtedly an integral part of interior design. Of course, it is not always easy to find exactly the lighting you need to complete your interior design. One of the best types of lighting you can choose to enhance the look of your home is a pendant lamp.

Choosing the right type of pendant lamp for each room

First decide which pendant lamp you want and where you want to hang it. For example, for the living room, choose a large pendant lamp as a central light point above the living room furniture. Make sure that the light is not directed directly at your eyes.
Above the dining table, the elongated rectangular composite lamp will look very elegant. The pendant lamp should provide sufficient light while you are eating, but should be discreet when you want to be comfortable at the table.


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Go for ambient lighting

For example, choose a few small hanging lights above your kitchen sink and hang them in a row. Here you can choose a directional light to work comfortably. A bedroom is also the ideal space for a pendant mood light. You don't always have to choose the central light point above the bed. Multiple pendant lamps and composite models are also possible. At My Planet LED, we do more than just pendant lights for your personal home. We also offer stylish pendant lamps for shops, offices and factories.

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A hanging lamp, like wall-mounted lamps, offers many advantages in terms of style and function. Overview :


  1. Suspended lamp as functional lighting

    A pendant lamp is often used as basic lighting in living rooms, bedrooms and many other rooms in the home. The advantage is that it can illuminate a large area well because it is suspended high. If you are mainly looking for functional lighting, such a lamp is certainly a good idea!


  2. The pendant lamp is also atmospheric

    The pendant lamp can also be used perfectly as atmospheric lighting. From classic chandeliers with a lush pearl look to industrial pendant lamps with a metallic look and minimalist design, the pendant lamp will always add flair to your home.


  3. A solution for every style

    What's more, pendant lights are suitable for almost any style. The possibilities are endless: chandeliers, industrial pendant lamps, modern lamps with a sober design and country-style models with wooden elements. There is something for everyone.


  4. Save space with the right pendant lamp

    Still not convinced of the added value of pendant lamps? This type of lamp can also save space in an interior. It may not seem obvious, but in many cases the lighting takes up a lot of space, especially if you choose a floor lamp. A pendant lamp is literally hanging, so you don't lose precious square metres of your floor!


  5. Ceiling and wall lights

    Finally, pendant lights can be used for both walls and ceilings. If you want to complete your entrance hall with a beautiful, classic style pendant light, there are many options to find it. Or would you prefer to create a modern look in your home by hanging a large, simply designed pendant lamp from the ceiling in your living room?


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Hanging lamps are mood setters

A pendant lamp gives any room a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming feel. That is why this type of lamp is one of the most popular. These lamps, which draw the eye to the centre of the room, highlight your favourite furniture. Vintage, Scandinavian, Classic, Country. And best of all, it provides flexible and atmospheric light for your table


How high should the pendant lamp hang over the table?

If the pendant lamp is hung too low, it can be annoying. For example, you cannot look at the person in front of you or you bump your head when standing or sitting. That is why we apply the following rule: hang the pendant lamp 80-100 cm above the table. Even with a height-adjustable pendant lamp, you can keep this in mind and adjust it later if necessary.


How do I hide or shorten the cable?

There are pendant lamps where the cords can be pulled into the pendant housing. It can therefore be easily stored. But don't try to shorten the cable yourself, safety first. Also, if you make any changes to the lamp yourself, the warranty will be void.

Tip: When buying a pendant lamp, make sure it comes with a cover plate that can be used to hide unsightly cables. Or simply use the cable as a design element. Most lamps these days don't have a tangle of cables. So visit our shop soon to find some nice hanging lamps that don't need to hide the cords.


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Are pendant lamps adjustable in height?

In fact, many pendant lamps are adjustable in height by means of a practical pull cord. This allows for flexible adjustment of the light. These lamps are suspended high from the ceiling to illuminate the entire room. If the lamp is suspended a little lower, you can intelligently set the tone for a table or kitchen island, for example.


Does a pendant lamp have a dimmer switch?

The dimmer allows you to easily adjust the brightness from bright light to a comfortable dimming level. Some touch dimmers have a memory function. The next time you turn on the lamp, you can enjoy the last selected brightness.


Are there pendant lamps with remote control?

Nowadays, even the average pendant lamp is often equipped with a handy remote control. Depending on your mood, you can :


  • Adjust the colour of the light (choose between warm white, universal white and daylight).
  • Choose from coloured variants (multi-coloured with colour-changing lighting technology).
  • In addition, you can vary the intensity of the lamps.

Nowadays, you can also use your smartphone as a remote control and thus integrate your pendant lamp perfectly into a smart-home configuration.



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